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Eliran Ouzan

Eliran Ouzan

Webový dizajnér a odborník na hosting


Eliran Ouzan je spoluzakladateľ a dizajnér stránky HostAdvice a vlastní tiež spoločnosť Moonshot Marketing (poprednú spoločnosť zameranú na webový dizajn a vývoj webov). Eliran celkom presne vie, aké sú vlastnosti dobrej hostingovej spoločnosti.

Web projects can grow so quickly that people might wonder at how they manage not to crash, and how many server resources it requires to keep the site up and going. Well, there is a simple, yet complex solution, that you can use to avoid a crash: cloud hosting. Taking a closer look at cloud technologies — their inner structure, key features, and functioning principles—will help you understand when and why you should use it.

Cloud Hosting — The Essentials

As you may have guessed, the na...

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Internet technologies develop very fast, and that gives you a chance to create something really unique and become popular as short as time as one year. The web has its own rules, and it likes great ideas. When your project starts growing, you have to meet ever-higher quality standards, so choosing a good hosting package is very important.

Logically, as you get more website visitors, shared packages won't be enough. That's when you have to consider if you should opt for VPS, which is the golde...

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The Internet has certainly changed the global economy over the last few years, and having a website has become a market standard for all serious companies. More and more people tend are shopping online. Their motives are clear: it's cheaper, it takes less time, and it allows you to get goods from thousands of brands in one window-shop — your monitor.

WordPress — A Helpful Tool

There are several ways to create a website. The easiest way is to order one from a web design company. Howeve...

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Web hosting — it’s the phrase of the hour nowadays,  and it’s what you really need to create a website. The process of choosing a web host company is not that easy. The market of these services has grown a lot in the last few years. You will have a ton of options to choose from.

The severe competition on this market makes different companies provide free bonuses to attract more customers. Now, not all companies can afford to offer such conditions and use some tricks that show themselves in be...

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Shared web hosting is the most popular hosting solution purchased from hundreds of web host companies all over the world. The sheer size of the huge market of shared solutions often causes problems to customers since most people purchasing shared plans are new to web technologies, and usually do not know what to pay look for when choosing a good hosting package.

How to Choose Proper Web Hosting Package

Web hosting is a complex of functions and hardware features; thus, you need to unde...

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