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Jackie Goldstein

Jackie Goldstein

Vedúci správca obsahu pre


Jackie je vedúci správca obsahu pre, pričom je zodpovedný za správu, úpravy a vývoj kvalitného obsahu pre web. V minulosti sa venoval vývoju softvéru a webových stránok a tiež online marketingu (systémom SEO, PPC, CZA atď.).
Iconfinder – Helping Designers Make a Living Doing What They Love

An Interview with Morten Olufsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Iconfinder

Describing is pretty straightforward - the name says it all. It is a marketplace web site dedicated to being the largest collection of icons for purchase, designed by the best icon designers available. Whether you need a single icon or multiple icon sets, you can find it at

In our discussion with Iconfinder’s Morten Olufsen, we learn not only about the workings of, but also about why icons are playing an increasingly important role in product development and in our lives.

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Top Tech Bloggers by Country with email addresses- 2016

Having the right information for a project is essential for success.  When we were launching a major initiative regarding hosting market share, we wanted to make sure we were reaching out to the right people to help with the promotion of this exciting service.  This meant figuring out who the top tech bloggers in each country were, and how we could reach them.

We took the time to discover who these people were and how to contact them, which allowed us to launch our project globally, with great success.  This information is invaluable to anyone looking to have a new product, site, or brand discovered, so we decided to release it to our community.

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ZURB – The Company That is Constantly Learning

An Interview With Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator at ZURB 

After chatting with Bryan Zmijewski, it became clear to me that he is obsessed with constantly learning and making sure that the same holds true for everyone at his company ZURB. Even his parting words to me reflected this. He said that he was looking forward to reading the final blog post and seeing what I learned and took away from our interview – as opposed to seeing how he and his company were depicted in the post.

In this interview we discuss how ZURB keeps learning new things and shares them with their clients and the design community at large. We’ll also talk about a unique annual event where they donate their special expertise to help charitable organizations reach their goals.

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Web Analytics – Reaching the Limits of What’s Possible

A Presentation by Martijn Scheijbeler at the All Things Data 2016 Conference

After being impressed and inspired by his presentation at the All Things Data 2016 conference, we contacted Martijn Scheijbeler, Director of Marketing at The Next Web, and asked him if we could post his presentation slides on our blog.

Martijn not only agreed to sharing his presentation with us, but also provided us with a concise summary of his talk - although I suggest you take the time to go through all of the slides.

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Cloud With Me – Making Amazon’s Cloud Servers  Easily Accessible For Everyone

An Interview with Rachel Jacobs, Brand Manager, Cloud With Me

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been around for quite a while already and the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service for virtual servers in the cloud is a leader in the field.  While it has been successfully adopted by many large organizations, it has been more challenging for smaller players to get it up and running. As we hear from Rachel Jacobs, the tools from Cloud With Me have come to the rescue to make AWS cloud servers easily accessible for organizations of any size.

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