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Hodnotenie od autora Idan Cohen

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting: lacný a chic

DigitalOcean je na trhu hostingu relatívne novým hráčom. Zrejme práve preto majú takú skvelú ponuku. Tento poskytovateľ hostingu dokáže ľahko splniť potreby malej až stredne veľkej webovej stránky, pretože je vybavený skvelým hardvérom a ponúka výnimočné ceny. Začiatočníci v používaní cloudu môžu svoje skúsenosti maximalizovať tak, že využijú pôsobivú základňu poznatkov firmy DigitalOcean.

Dokonca aj najlacnejší cloudový server (iba $5/mesiac) zahŕňa SSD disk, čo zabezpečuje, že cloud bude fungovať nesmierne rýchlo. Ovládacie panely s jednoduchým ovládaním a flexibilné rozhrania API sú len niektorými z aspektov spoločnosti DigitalOcean, ktoré zabezpečia vašu pozitívnu skúsenosť.

Prečo si vybrať cloudový hosting od spoločnosti DigitalOcean?

  • Platba za hodiny alebo mesiace
  • SSD disk v každom cloude
  • Skvelé funkcie šírky pásma
  • Nasadenie servera za 55 sekúnd
  • Flexibilné rozhrania API

Chcete vedieť, či je pre vás vhodný cloudový hosting od spoločnosti DigitalOcean Cloud?

Pozrime sa na to...

Uptime & Reliability


Perfect Uptime & Security Features

Since DigitalOcean is  the new kid on the block, most uptime testing systems have little data regarding the stability of their clouds. The results that you can find show they're 100% uptime—an almost unbelievable number, but we'll keep on eye on this, You will, of course, get a 99.99% uptime SLA, which is a market standard.

DigitalOcean offers a decent amount of security features to ensure stable cloud performance, including nightly server backups. Another good way to protect your data is to make a server snapshot, which is also possible with DO. The redundancy and capacity of their clouds are ensured by Tier-1 networks and 10-gig-E connections.




Great Specs for Their Price

Even if you don't count the low prices charged for this host's servers, the image of DigitalOcean clouds is really impressive. First of all, their virtual server includes RAID SSD hard drives, which seem to be the only offer of the kind in the market. Additionally, you get decent memory options and adequate transfer possibilities.

Along with 55-second server deployment and Tier-1 network, they have KVM, or Kernel-based Virtual Machines. This solution is used for high-level virtualization that makes Linux servers run faster and more securely.

This company wins several extra points for providing hardware details. They have Hex Core racks, dedicated ECC RAM, and their RAID SSD, which look impressive.

Feature Description
Disk SpaceEvery virtual server in your cloud has at least 20GB storage powered by SSD. The top offer has includes 960GB.
CPUEvery server in your cloud can have from 1 to 24 vCores, whichh is a great range to choose from.
BandwidthDifferent plans include 1TB-10TB free, and $0.02 for every next GB. Both public and internal traffic runs at 1Gb/sec.
RAMThe cheapest offer has 512MB. The most expensive one, in turn, will grant you 96GB RAM, an enormous number, indeed.
Control PanelThey have their own custom control panel with all necessary features. It's also available for a free trial.
Operation SystemThey don give much info, but it is likely that that they have only Linux distributions like CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.



Decent for a Newbie

DigitalOcean has a special approach to customer support. While they don't have any phone numbers posted, you can easily contact them via email ticketing or live chat. Customers' reviews suggest that you won't have any serious reason to contact them since their clouds run really well.

Connecting with DO on social networks may prove to be another contact method since DigitalOcean is very active on social networks, particularly Twitter.

The support extras provided by this cloud host are impressive. They have a company blog, a forum and a huge set of articles and tutorials united under DigitalOcean Community. This is very convenient for the average consumer new to cloud hosting trying out the service for the first time.

  • Forum and blog
  • Impressive knowledgebase
  • Active Twitter and Facebook
  • Live Chat
  • No phone number
  • Unclear support time

[warning]We couldn't find any information about money back guarantees, trial periods or even cancellation/termination policies.[/warning]

See the complete and updated policy by Digital Ocean:‎



Fair. Cheap. Amazing.

DigitalOcean has happy price points as well as a great pricing system. They offer the two most popular pricing systems: monthly and hourly. This cloud host has fair prices for hourly charges,  which means you will not pay much over the monthly fee even if your cloud works for most of the time.

It would be quite the challenge if you decided to find another cloud host offering SSD hard drive and 512MB for only $5/mo. This makes DigitalOcean a stand-out option for cloud starters. You can deploy many servers and it won't cost you a lot of money. Even the prices for extra services are great - $0.02/GB of extra traffic is a great offer.

Note: DigitalOcean offers 10 plans for cloud hosting clients. Please visit the company's website for more detailed pricing information.

User Friendly


Custom Panel and Many Bonuses

This cloud host does its best to make the DO clouds user-friendly. Server management is performed using their custom control panel that has an extremely convenient interface and many useful tools. You need only a couple of clicks to resize, snapshot or create a server, for example. However, they don't provide you with a mobile app, which is a clear disadvantage these days.

The company's website is planned well. It only takes a few moments to get all the necessary information and to sign up. You can even try their control panel for free, as long as you register on the site.

  • Perfect website navigation
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Multiple cloud server plan
  • Convenient management tools


Despite a couple of small disadvantages, they have great cloud hosting features, great prices, amazing features, an extensive knowledgebase and custom control panel—and this is just a modest list of their advantages. Of course, that may change over time as they get more clients, but at this point you can enjoy the numerous benefits of this cloud host.


  • KVM and Flexible API
  • Tier-1 network
  • RAID SSD in every rack
  • Great pricing
  • Convenient control panel


  • No mobile apps
  • Public clouds only
  • Vague support features
  • only provide 1 IP
  • server can be slow at times

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  • Reliability
    5.0 / 10
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    5.9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.9 / 10
  • Support
    4.1 / 10
  • Features
    5.2 / 10

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Robert Donnell
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  • Služby 6.0

They keep billing after you leave

Použitá služba: Cloud - $10
DigitalOcean does not want you to leave... at least they don't stop billing you.

I closed my account - was billed anyway. They said my account was closed and not to worry. I got billed again. and again!

I hope it works this time - six months of over billing - at least.
Raleigh Burns
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  • Spoľahlivosť 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 2.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 2.0

This is the worst business I've run across in a very long time. They verge on a scam.

Použitá služba: Cloud
I've not been able to log into their service to cancel or configure for months. They use some crappy 2 factor login that claims to send a verification code to your email but never arrives. I've sent numerous emails, support tickets etc to cancel my account and they refuse to respond.
Christopher Bennett
  • Spoľahlivosť 2.0
  • Cena 6.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 2.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 6.0

Horrible service

Použitá služba: Cloud - $480
Ok, so I’ve been using DigitalOcean since 2013 and everything was just fine. An on May 31 2018 something really worrying happened, all my files got deleted and I received this email:

“We sincerely apologize, however, there was ...Čítať ďalej
Ben Uretsky
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  • Cena 2.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 2.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 2.0

Companies like these must be shut down!

Použitá služba: Cloud - $5
Sometimes I read reviews and think 'nahh, they were probably just unlucky.' Please don't make that same mistake. I don't know whether to put it down to just lack of efficiency or if they legitimately are a scam company. Either way...Čítať ďalej
user avatar
Somebody(company) trying to steal their business. DigitalOcean is really good, you can opt a free trial and judge yourself.
user avatar
Ben Uretsky
I apologise if you are not a member of staff from Digital Ocean, however it strikes me as suspicious that someone who favours a company would bother to look up reviews for them, create an account and advertise a deal in a review -...Čítať ďalej
user avatar
It is unacceptable that you are attempting to slander and spread aspersions about a hosting company. Digital Ocean offers a brilliant hosting solution that's used by many in the industry, including Tesla. Just because you signed u...Čítať ďalej
user avatar
Ben Uretsky
Hi Alex,

I appreciate that your intentions are good. Maybe I should make myself more clear - Many customers are not being given access to the server that they have paid for. I believe that it is right for a customer to receive ...Čítať ďalej
user avatar
That is a fair recommendation and if PayPal is an option then one should always proceed to use PayPal for the added security. However, don't go around accusing a company without any actual evidence. You've probably not even signed up for a Digital Ocean account.
user avatar
digital ocean BLOCK ME , this cia is a reason, only LOCK MY account...
Niramon Khachmakhov
  • Spoľahlivosť 4.0
  • Cena 8.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 6.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 6.0

Extremely bad support and service

Použitá služba: Cloud - $20
Support did't give any chance to use outgoing smtp relays, even G-Suite accounts.
They simply blocks any outgoing requests to popular smtp relays.
Must wait 60 days before they review again your status. How can you do business w...Čítať ďalej
  • Spoľahlivosť 10
  • Cena 8.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 10
  • Podpora 10
  • Služby 10

Simple, accessible, large amount of informational resources provided

Použitá služba: Cloud - $10
It worked very easily "out of the box" and the interface is super nice too. They also provide a large amount of resources on just about anything that is linux-server in a way that is mostly complete but I assume would also be acce...Čítať ďalej
Josh S
Spojené štáty
  • Spoľahlivosť 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 2.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 2.0

Took my money and ran with it

Použitá služba: Cloud - $10
I made a DigitalOcean account about 2 weeks ago, where I paid $10 to start. My account has been "under review" for two weeks. I made a support ticket, and instead they just told me they can't do anything because I am charging back...Čítať ďalej
Frotty Zaoldyeck
  • Spoľahlivosť 2.0
  • Cena 6.0
  • Ľahko použiteľné 2.0
  • Podpora 2.0
  • Služby 6.0

Customer support nonexistant

Použitá služba: Cloud - $10
I can't access my account for over 1 month now since DigitalOceans IP to send verification tokens is Level3 blacklisted by a spam protection serviced used by my mail provider.
I sent some 10 emails detailing the exact problem wit...Čítať ďalej


Služba Cenový rozsah
Cloud hosting 4,37 € - 1 469,93 € Zobraziť programy
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Digital Ocean: Ceny, programy a služby - 2018

Programy cloudového hostingu

Názov programu Priestor CPU (procesor) RAM Šírka pásma Cena Score
20 GB 1 jadro 512 MB 1 TB 4,37 € 5.4
30 GB 1 jadro 1 GB 2 TB 8,75 € 4.1
40 GB 2 jadrá 2 GB 3 TB 17,50 € 5.2
60 GB 2 jadrá 4 GB 4 TB 35,00 € 4.8
80 GB 4 jadrá 8 GB 5 TB 70,00 € 2.0
160 GB 8 jadier 16 GB 6 TB 139,99 € 2.0
320 GB 12 jadier 32 GB 7 TB 279,99 € 5.0
480 GB 16 jadier 48 GB 8 TB 419,98 € 3.6
640 GB 20 jadier 64 GB 9 TB 559,97 € 5.0
30 GB 2 jadrá 16 GB 6 TB 105,00 € 5.0
90 GB 4 jadrá 32 GB 7 TB 209,99 € 5.0
200 GB 8 jadier 64 GB 8 TB 419,98 € 5.0
340 GB 16 jadier 128 GB 9 TB 839,96 € 5.0
500 GB 32 jadier 224 GB 10 TB 1 469,93 € 5.0

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