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Cenový rozsah

Zdieľaný hosting 3,29 € - 10,79 €
VPS 5,00 € - 40,00 €

Data Centers

Claudia S.

Pripnutá kontrola

Claudia S.,
HawkHost are, in my opinion, genuinely amazing.
I am the type of person who reads tons of reviews for finding a product or a service which is the best fit for what I need, so I read tons of reviews o...Čítať ďalejn them before using them, which was for the first time in 2018, when I had a website with them for a year - before I suspended for a while that start-up.
Well, I read tons of reviews on other similar services and companies, and I can say that HawkHost had the best reviews - and they still have - written by both techie guys and non-techie, like me. There were so many good reviews and still are on them, from people happy with both the technical aspects, and with the Customer Service. It is obvious that, for non-techie persons like me, a brilliant Customer Service means a lot, because how else could we be "saved" when we meet problems on the way? I mean, you other non-techie guys out there: you know very well what I mean: for us, even some simple beautiful technical jargon is like beautiful Chinese! yesterday, Wade literally saved me, with a great attitude and a great help, with things that I cannot even know how to explain to you, all I can tell you is that I will be finally able to start using my website for my new store!
BUT also, I confess I was and I will always be interested in the opinions of the other clients who understand what is about, clearly they have strong positions from where they can express what they feel and think about the services they receive, and I just read another opinion like this moments ago and again it confirmed to me that so many of these customers appreciate so much HawkHost  and see even more than what I see!
I would say, it is a winning card: what they do is genuinely exceptional. How they do it: genuinely amazing. I know that you cannot please everybody, nobody can, but they have so many Customers happy with them. And they will have many more, with such quality and attitude.
HawkHost, I am really glad you exist :).
Wade, thank you so much for your amazing support yesterday!!!!
This is a review that was not requested from me, but I wanted to write, because I am so so happy with the level of support I received yesterday from Wade and the way this support contributes to my new business!!!

Update: one day later, I want to thank you to Brian as well :) for even more support and greatest attitude, I know I must have been a bit of headache, with my lack of some skills and my need for support, but I cannot say enough how grateful I am that I received this support, I can start my business now and you've been AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!!!


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Hawk Host: Ceny, programy a služby - 2022

Programy zdieľaného hostingu

Názov programu Priestor Šírka pásma Panel Počet lokalít Cena Skóre
Basic 3 GB Neobmedzené cPanel Neobmedzené 3,29 € 4.3 Podrobnosti
Standard 6 GB Neobmedzené cPanel Neobmedzené 4,96 € 4.3 Podrobnosti
Advanced 12 GB Neobmedzené cPanel Neobmedzené 8,29 € 4.4 Podrobnosti
Super 24 GB Neobmedzené cPanel Neobmedzené 10,79 € 5.5 Podrobnosti

Programy VPS hostingu

Názov programu Priestor CPU (procesor) RAM Operačný systém Cena Skóre
Basic 20 GB 1 jadro 1 GB 5,00 € 2.8 Podrobnosti
Standard 40 GB 1 jadro 2 GB 10,00 € 10 Podrobnosti
Advanced 60 GB 2 jadrá 4 GB 20,00 € 10 Podrobnosti
Super 100 GB 4 jadrá 8 GB 40,00 € 5.9 Podrobnosti

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