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Digital Ocean verzus InterServer verzus Bluehost

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13 plány hostingu 66 plány hostingu 13 plány hostingu
Počiatočná cena 4,39 € / mesiac 2,19 € / mesiac 2,59 € / mesiac
Bezplatná doména Nie Nie Áno
Kupóny Nie 2 kupóny Nie
Hodnotenia používateľov
Spoľahlivosť 2.5
Cena 3.0
Ľahko použiteľné 3.0
Podpora 2.5
Služby 3.0
Recenzie používateľov
97 recenzií 392 recenzií 264 recenzií
Najnovšia pozitívna recenzia
Great Service
John Howard,
Digital Ocean is a highly customisable cloud hosting service with reasonable rates. The only drawback for non-technical customers is you will need to configure your server VIA the command-line – the good thing is Digital Ocea... Viac n has easy to follow documentation that shows you how to do this among many other things. Menej
Excellent service and great value.
John Pernu,
I'm quite new to websites. Over the last 18 months I've had a number of problems to sort out and had no one locally to ask. Without exception, Interserver has sorted every one out promptly, and efficiently. They have provi... Viac ded me with a most impressive service, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Menej
Easy and productive
Marsha Hankins,
My experience with Bluehost and BlueSky Pro has been very easy and productive. I had a few problems but they were easily fixed. I could not have done this on my own.
Najnovšia negatívna recenzia
Good plan prices with bad customer service
David Littlefield,
I will say that they have good plan prices. You will need to already know how to manage a server. If you don't have to interact with their customer service team then it's great.
The customer service at Digital Ocean is an unp... Viac leasant mess for the following reasons:
1. It's inconsistent: You receive replies from different people every time in the same email thread. 
2. It's uncoordinated: You receive identical template responses from different customer service representatives in the same email thread.
3. It's insincere: You are given offers to provide technical assistance without them following through.
4. It's inefficient: You literally have to interact with 5 to 10 customer service representatives to answer a simple question.
5. It's self-promoting: You receive are sent paragraphs of sales copy during your customer service request without having first received any customer service.
6. It's questionable: You receive responses that repeatedly avoid or completely ignore answering simple questions about performance capabilities.
The worst customer services ever
Ossama Salamah,
Since we migrated to Interserver.our emails are marked as spam with our recipients and I have contacted customer service several times without any solutions. I tried escalating but they don't have any escalation process. I t... Viac ried reaching to their leadership on LinkedIn but no one is responding. I don't recommend them at all Menej
Great Tech Support!
Nate Hedgeman,
I know this because I call them nearly every day because that is the only way to get anything done. The user portal is WIDLY inconsistent. Sometimes buttons work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they just completely disappear... Viac for a while.
I have been with them for over 10 years and they have been going downhill but as of a few months ago it's just been TERRIBLE. I hate that I just renewed with them, I wish I hadnt't
Zdieľaný hosting
3 plány od 2,19 € do 7,02 € 4 plány od 2,59 € do 11,36 €
Menej ako 4 $ Nie


2,50 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: Neobmedzené
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobraziť plán STANDARD


2,95 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 50 GB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobraziť plán Basic
Menej ako 8 $ Nie


8,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: Neobmedzené
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
  • Panel: plesk
  • Počet stránok: 25
Zobraziť plán WINDOWS ASP.NET


5,45 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: Neobmedzené
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobraziť plán Plus
Viac ako 10 $ Nie Nie


12,95 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: Neobmedzené
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobraziť plán Pro
46 plánov od 5,26 € do 140,35 € 3 plány od 16,66 € do 52,62 €
Menej ako 4 $ Nie Nie Nie
Menej ako 8 $ Nie

VPS1 - Linux

6,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 30 GB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán VPS1 - Linux
Viac ako 10 $ Nie

VPS1 - Windows

10,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 30 GB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán VPS1 - Windows


18,99 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 30 GB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán Standard
Dedikovaný server
12 plánov od 42,98 € do 622,82 € 3 plány od 70,17 € do 105,26 €
Menej ako 4 $ Nie Nie Nie
Menej ako 8 $ Nie Nie Nie
Viac ako 10 $ Nie

Intel E3-1230V5

49,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 2 TB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán Intel E3-1230V5


79,99 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 5 TB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán Standard
Cloud hosting
13 plánov od 4,39 € do 842,13 €
3 plány od 6,10 € do 13,99 €
Menej ako 4 $ Nie Nie Nie
Menej ako 8 $


5,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 25 GB
  • Šírka pásma: 1 TB
Zobraziť plán $5


6,95 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 100 GB
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán Starter
Viac ako 10 $


10,00 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 50 GB
  • Šírka pásma: 2 TB
Zobraziť plán $10


8,95 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: Neobmedzené
  • Šírka pásma: Neobmedzené
Zobraziť plán Performance
5 plánov od 17,50 € do 61,36 €
Menej ako 4 $ Nie Nie Nie
Menej ako 8 $ Nie Nie Nie
Viac ako 10 $ Nie

RS One

19,95 € / Mes.
  • Priestor: 80 GB
  • Šírka pásma: 500.02 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobraziť plán RS One
Data Centers
3 z 6 1 z 6 1 z 6
Severná Amerika Áno Áno Áno
Európa Áno Nie Nie
Ázia Áno Nie Nie
Oceánia Nie Nie Nie
Južná Amerika Nie Nie Nie
Afrika a Stredný východ Nie Nie Nie
Služby podpory
5 z 6 3 z 6 6 z 6
Chat na živo Áno Nie Áno
Telefónna podpora Nie Áno Áno
E-mailová podpora Áno Áno Áno
Podpora fóra Áno Áno Áno
Video návody Áno Nie Áno
Báza poznatkov Áno Nie Áno
Podpora CMS
4 z 6 5 z 6 4 z 6
WordPress Áno Áno Áno
Joomla Áno Áno Áno
Drupal Áno Áno Nie
Magento Áno Áno Áno
Softaculous Nie Nie Nie
PrestaShop Nie Áno Áno
OS Podpora
1 z 2 2 z 2 1 z 2
Windows Nie Áno Nie
Linux Áno Áno Áno
Jazyková podpora
2 z 8 6 z 8 4 z 8
PHP Áno Áno Áno
Java Nie Nie Áno
Python Nie Áno Áno
Node.js Áno Nie Nie
Django Nie Áno Nie
Perl Nie Áno Áno
Ruby on Rails Nie Áno Nie
ASP.NET Nie Áno Nie
Podpora databázy
1 z 3 3 z 3 2 z 3
MongoDB Nie Áno Áno
MySQL Áno Áno Áno
PostgreSQL Nie Áno Nie
Podpora typov platieb
2 z 6 3 z 6 2 z 6
PayPal Áno Áno Áno
kreditná karta Áno Áno Áno
Moneybookers Nie Nie Nie
bankový prevod Nie Áno Nie
Webmoney Nie Nie Nie
Bitcoin Nie Nie Nie






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Bruno Mirchevski Hosting Expert

Most people tend to opt for one of these three brands when it comes to web hosting and it’s because they’re known for providing decent services. The customers who opt for BlueHost, however, have picked the best of the bunch. DigitalOcean, though a great service, only offers cloud hosting, and while Interserver has the same hosting solutions as BlueHost, they’re not as reliable or as well-performing. BlueHost plans come with either unlimited or extensive memory and bandwidth and cost much less than the other providers. They also have a better customer support team that’s available 24/7. Its commitment to great service and customer care is what makes BlueHost the winner of this comparison. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on such a good service.